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Coaching is investing in yourself.

It helps you see what is important to you and what makes you happy.

In life new challenges come your way.

Everyone has developed a toolkit throughout their lives that you always carry. But it may be that this toolkit is no longer sufficient and it is necessary to learn new things…

Coaching can support you in this. It gives you tools to gain more control over your thoughts, your feelings and to find a healthy balance between work and private life.

My challenge is to help you find the areas where you need to take up the challenge.

"Nowadays we are too busy looking for ourselves in others...

Through others, you get to know yourself "



Coaching is always tailor-made, it' s not a “one size fits all”.

After all, everyone needs something different.

The coaching process is tailored to your personal needs and questions.

Together we look at how many conversations are needed and how we will organize the coaching process. 


Each coaching process starts with a Free Introduction of about 45 minutes via (video) calling.

We will check whether your needs match what I can offer you. We will discuss the expected number of conversations and the costs. 

As just indicated, everyone has different needs. Maybe you prefer to meet physically, you want to go for a walk or you are very limited in time and prefer to meet online. Together we will decide how to organize the coaching process, depending on your situation & needs.

To give you an idea of what you can expect:

An average coaching process lasts between four to six months and consists of six to seven sessions that take place every two to three weeks. A session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.


Below you will find more information about locations, costs and rates.

Are you interested but unsure whether it is something for you?

Or would you like to know more about costs in advance?

Contact me without any obligation!




Oude A'foortseweg, Hilversum

* House of Vitality, Hilversum

* Online

* Region A'dam / Utrecht / 't Gooi

* In nature (walking)

* Blended

* ....


Organizations often have a budget reserved for training costs and personal and/or professional development of employees. Consult with your employer whether a professional coaching program is included.

Also ask your organization's occupational health and safety service. In the context of 'Wet verbetering poortwachter', organizations are happy to cooperate after consultation with the company doctor. Especially when you are dealing with burn-out, long-term absence due to illness or a reintegration process.

The government provides various subsidies and budgets.

Coaching is not reimbursed by basic health insurance. In some cases, health insurers reimburse coaching through supplementary insurance or as a preventive measure. Ask your health insurer about the options.

Kosmos bloem


* Introductory conversation: Free

* Private €106 per hour

* Corporate €150 per hour

* Travel allowance: €0.35 / km

Gathering information is free!

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