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My name is Saskia Koning-Tops (1979). Coach, veterinarian and mother of 3 children. I live in Hilversum with my family. 

I am enthusiastic, open, involved and solution-oriented.

As a coach I like to stay close to daily life problems.

In some cases, I will use my own challenges and vulnerabilities to help clarify and aid understanding.

As a veterinarian, mother and human being, i have a fair share of work and life experience. This helps me connect with my clients.

My knowledge and experience in the medical field helps me guide doctors. People with a caretaking role at work (medics) or in private (moms) have my special passion.

I am a social person and love being with family and friends. In addition I enjoy cooking, DIY and gardening. Activities where I can let my creativity run free...


Furthermore, I like almost everything in and on the water, hence the name Spring & Duik! (Jump & Dive!)

As a child I spent a lot of time in the swimming pool, especially on the springboard. Later also regularly underwater with snorkel or diving tanks, or surfing at sea.

And nowadays mainly on top of the water. Taking the SUP into nature.

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”



After working as a (companion animal) veterinarian for 18 years, I took a different path. The path of coaching.

For years I was a busy, hard-working veterinarian who was mainly in her head and was almost constantly tired. Balancing between everything that was asked of me at work and at home. 

After a period of many personal setbacks and struggling with my work-life balance, I slowly lost my sparkle.


I felt the need to get more control over my situation and my feelings.

I wanted to know and understand more about an effective positive working environment. Through trial and error I had learned in various jobs what does work and what doesn't. 

My need for self-development grew. So I started to dive deeper into personal development and coaching.

In search of the golden recipe...;-)

The knowledge and experience that i gained during this period, I use in my job as a coach, in addition to my certified coaching training (NOBCO). Also my years of experience in the workplace, my medical knowledge and being a mom (read: my extensive experience with stress and sleep deprivation;-) makes me the coach I am today.

I know and recognize the stress, the feeling of responsibility and the emotional burden. I like to challenge people, often with a bit of humor to put things into perspective, to get to the core.

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It is easier to put yourself in the other person's shoes

 if you have been the other yourself


There are times in your life when you need to distance yourself, to see things more clearly.

To really see what you are doing.

 And whether that is (still) what you want.

And that's not that easy...

This is why i so strongly believe in the added value of coaching.

A coach is someone who, from a distance, can give you a new perspective. Who can look at your goals and see what's in the way.

Who gives you those insights and tools that you need

to get where you want to go.

And to be who you want to be.

To get there, you have to jump & dive!

"We have to run, jump, fly, dive, fall, get up & keep on going"




Nowadays the world is developing at a very rapid pace and we are constantly forced to make a lot of choices.

This can drain your energy.

I want to help people build resilience. I have a special passion for people with a caretaking role, professionally or in private.

As a parent, your children are everything to you and you will do anything for them. Many times you have to put yourself aside.

And also if you work is about caring for others, for example those with a medical profession, the workload is extremely high.

How important is it that they are taken care of! This is where I see myself.

So that they can be there when we need them the most...


Prevention is better than cure... 

In today's always connected world, we need to encourage and increase protective factors and healthy behaviors. We need to create living conditions and work environments that support mental health.

That's why I believe in coaching.

It gives you tips and tools to better deal with stress and helps build resilience.

It contributes to (mental) health and happiness.

And how important is that!


Why choose me as a life coach?

Quality assurance

I am a certified professional coach. My coaching training is accredited by the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (NOBCO). Anyone can call themselves a coach, but not everyone is certified as a coach. My membership of the NOBCO contributes to guaranteeing my quality a. 

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