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duiken zee vrouw
duiken zee vrouw

Do you want more energy,
                                    less stress &
                                         more inner peace...?



My name is Saskia Koning-Tops.

I am originally trained as a veterinarian and worked as a companion animal vet in various practices for 18 years. Slowly I became more and more interested in the people behind the animals.

After a period of self-examination and self-development I decided to become a coach.

There are times in your life when you need to distance yourself, to see things more clearly. To really see what you are doing.

 And whether that is (still) what you want.

And that's not that easy...

This is why i so strongly believe in the added value of coaching.

A coach is someone who, from a distance, can give you a new perspective. Who can look at your goals and see what's in the way.

Who gives you those insights and tools that you need to get where you want to go. And to be who you want to be.

The funny thing is that it often feels okay to go to the hairdresser, buy new clothes or go away for the weekend, but really investing in yourself feels uncomfortable...

Coaching can help you move forward.

As a young girl, you could find me on top of a diving board. I used to practice springboard diving. As I got older, I became more hesitant to jump and dive...

Spring & Duik! (Jump & Dive!) for me means taking up the challenge.

My challenge is to explore the areas where you should take up the challenge.

To get closer to what you want, what is most important to you and, above all, what really makes you happy!

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You are a go-getter, you are pushing yourself to the limit (and beyond).

You hardly ever say no.

In other words: you don't listen to your feelings, your body and in general, to the advice of others.
You listen to your mind. You are not the person to give up, you keep going, pushing yourself.

You probably are a bit of a perfectionist and a control freak.

You have to be strong and be able to handle anything.

But you feel in a constant state of 'I can't do this anymore'...

It takes courage to ask for support.

Hence the name Spring & Duik!

Jump & Dive!

By talking to a coach you can be just in time to prevent burnout.

And this certainly is not weak. You don't get burned out because you're too weak. You get burned out because you've tried to stay strong for way too long!

duik in zee


more control


more courage


worry less


Thanks for sending your massage!

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